The Storybox Giveaway

One person in hundreds will receive it as their own. It will be theirs to share, or keep secret forever.

What Is It?

The Storybox is a set of listening instructions, aimed to transport you to the places these songs live.

Within this wooden box is a set of maps of a kind, to direct you so that TEACUP IN A TEMPEST may be heard with all of the stories that were woven into it.

Every download in the month of May will be eligible to win. On May 31st, one person, somewhere in the world, will be selected to physically receive this box and its contents.


There is only one of its kind.

It cannot be bought.

Download the album.



* Downloading the album through Bandcamp means we already have your email, so once you download the album there is nothing further to do. We will let you know via email on May 31st if you are selected. May the odds be ever in your favor.