Teacup in a Tempest

About the album

There is no knowing what oceans live in the strangers passing on the street. They will give no hint as they pass by of the miles inside them. The man on the train in the wrinkled shirt and messy hair? He will show you no clues that he has, only moments ago, seen a world through a telescope that has never been seen. And the woman you've just passed on the sidewalk? Her socks do not match and she walks like a cursed skeleton scrambling to escape from a laundry bag and nothing about her will suggest to you that she is presently unfolding some of the most transformative mathematics known by anyone, that a tapestry of numbers is taking shape behind her eyes that will alter the roads of man. You will not know the world is changing just beside you on a sidewalk. But it is. You will not be told by the stranger in the checkout line that his daughter was born today and how she so nearly was not. Likewise, they will not know the miles in you, just to see you pass on the street.

This album is my exploration of the lives that unfold out of earshot, the shining triumph of strangers, the nightmares that are not my own, the little quirks of light and shadow, and the silent deaths of uncelebrated souls.

Teacup in a tempest. Eleven stories. One instant.

Story Box Giveaway

A song is a place. It is sight and smell and touch all spun with sound. It is ivy and gold and salt water and mortar fire and light splintered by a river. A songsmith is rarely given a chance to take a listener into the places where a song was born. The Story Box was created to carry one listener to the places on Teacup in a tempest. There is only 1 Story Box and one of you will be selected to receive it.

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These stories have been a grand adventure for me, one that I could not have undertaken without the help of many. My deepest thanks go out to:

Olga Nunes....my dearest friend, who has been so deeply entwined into this project that her finger prints are on every piece and they are all better for it. She listened to a thousand first drafts, edited the album trailer, help invent the Story Box, and made every day so much better in between.

Allan Amato whose created the awesome album art photography, directed and shot the trailer video, and was a great sounding board and friend throughout. Yosh! at Faultline studios for helping me be a better sound sculptor and storyteller. Ben Chun, Jim Reynolds, and everyone under the False Profit Records flag. False Profit. The Soap Factory for endless support and love......and tolerance. Twerk at audible oddities for his mastering wizardry. A million others. Thank you.



Mix Consulting by: Yosh! at Faultline Studios SF, CA
Mastering: Shawn Hatfield of Audible Oddities
Photography - Shipwrek in rowboat photo by Allan Amato
Garden Wall - Children's laughter by Travis Morgan via freesound.org.

Album Trailer Credits:

Cinematographer: Allan Amato
Editor: Olga Nunes

Satine Phoenix
Stephanie Inagaki
David Alexander Willis
Mia Matsumiya
Tas Limur
Cass Crawford
Noel Labelle
Xine Zanillo
Misti Dawn
Vera Naranjo

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