The Music

Most nights, when life allows, I music journal. I just hit record and pour out the day in the most honest way I know. These entries go onto a hard drive, and stay there: a chronological, date stamped account of where I have been and what it was like to be there. This album is a compilation of these journal pages, a full year of my life into your hands. From more than a hundred journal entries between Spring 2008 and Spring 2009, I've refined thirty that most honestly tell this year as it has been. Thirteen of these are compiled in this album.

The rules: in mixing, arranging, and polishing these pages for release, nothing has been imposed on these stories that was not present in the original entry.

The voices you hear in the background might be your own. Maybe you laid in your bed that night and listened to the rain while I held a mic out my bedroom window. Maybe you were the stranger who played a bent-bugle solo into my laptop on the side of the road, or the bearded heathens who whistled in three-part harmony for me in an alley. Maybe you left me the voicemail that I turned into a violin or you knocked on my door just to see if things were going alright. Maybe you nudged me every day for two months to put this album out. If you don't hear yourself in these stories, listen again. It is all in here, with my gratitude.

The Book

Journal: The Book was created in parallel with the album. They are different voices of the same stories. Together, the book and album represent some 400 days. I have gathered them in this form that we might begin a dialog, you and I, to celebrate one another in our hunger to dig deeper, dance harder, love boldly and be brave in what we ask of ourselves.

Note | The physical book is still avail. below, but now you can also check out the digital download bundle including the book in hi-rez pdf format here -- you know, if you're the paperless sort.


"How did you get this number..." - New York Times

"You can enter an extension at any time..." - Rolling Stones

"Not bad. Not Bad at all." - Shipwrek's dad

Infinite Thanks to: benchun and Dr. Toast for the False Profit Records support. To Chris Walcott (Cedub Studio) for his artful mastering, Olga Nunes (at vie Boheme) for making all my work more beautiful than I would have without her, to the Soap Factory for not chasing me off for 4am keyboard pounding, and the False Profit community at large for being brilliant in a million ways I couldn't list here.

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