Christmas day. Beautiful cabin in the Oregon forest. Mt. Hood in the near-distance. Miles and miles of quiet green. Rain fell all day. Fireplace, Egg Nog, Piano. Quiet. Perfect.

So much of my time is given these days to hustling, productivity, bringing things to life, that it has taken a whole day to acclimate to the quiet. There is the constant reminder in my head that there are things to get done..... but there aren't. Not today. What the hell? I'm just supposed to, what? Sit here and luxuriate? Celebrate? At first it is almost uncomfortable. So I did the only pragmatic think I could think of. I spiked the HELL out of the egg nog, installed myself into a clawfoot bathtub full of nearly-too-hot-water, and watched the rain fall out the window until the fog of war drifted away.


Spent the rest of the night tinkering on this music journal. Hope you enjoy.


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