Tracking cello. Fingers sore. Heart happy.


The problem with playing the cello is, well, that I don't. Not according to any classical or institutional metric. Nonetheless I have decided, in my infinite wisdom, to just aww-fuck-it go ahead and track cello parts into every damn song I write. I think I've done so for two reasons. The first is simply because the sound of a cello, even when poorly operated,  is like an intercontinental ballistic cruise missile fired directly  into the dopamine factory district of any properly functioning human brain.  The second reason is that I don't appear to know any better.

Luckily for me playing cello is almost exactly like playing the violin except that all of the techniques and sounds differ completely.

Not so lucky for me? Well, I'm not an extremely accomplished violinist either. For 12 hours today I collided with cello strings like a fast moving semi-truck into a flock of sheep, but in the end I think I've accomplished the 16 bar passage I so desperately needed.

All joking aside, luck has seen fit to gift me entire days to explore 16 bar passages of music. How bad ass is that?






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