Send Your Stories

How about let's write a story together. No, for real! Over the next several months I would like to do some journal entries with you, whoever you are. I would like to write the music of days that are not my own, things I've never heard before, places I have not been.

Okay, so if you are not familiar with this "music journaling" notion, there's not much mystery to it, but I explain the process here.

If you are familiar with this whole endeavor, then here's the deal:

What to send?

You can send me stories in whatever form you choose. Read them out loud on a rooftop and send me the video. Write them on napkins and mail them to me. Send me the photo that tells the whole story.  Send me your fiction. Send me your lies. Send me your secrets. Send me what you've seen, whatever it is. Maybe there is some place you know and love, a place that you would love to hear in song? Send me your stories of this place, your photos, your personal map of what is miraculous there. If you think there is music in it, send me that.


What not to send?

  • Please do not send me random things you've found online unless you've found something you really think I'll want to and be able to journal about.
  • Please avoid sending me music, as it somewhat difficult to objectively write music about other music.
  • Promotion of commercial products via this email address will illicit a violent and highly memorable response which may or may not (at my momentary discretion) involve fire, name-calling, swordsmanship, and/or profanity directed at your face.
  • You can send me work that is not your own, if you like, but unless you have a good story about why you are sending me someone else's stories, I'm quite unlikely to journal this.

How to send it?

Email me at and tell me how I can view your story. Also, let me know in your email if you'd prefer to remain anonymous. Obviously, I'll publish nothing without your express permission.

What will happen then?

Unfortunately, I will not be able to write music to every story I receive, but if time allows, and I do get to get lost in your story for a bit, I will send you whatever humble creation comes out of it, and you and I can decide the perfect way to add this story to the journal section of this site. If your story eventually becomes an actual song (with a real name) and is sent out to make its way in the world, I will list your name in the title (unless you've asked me not to, in which case the track will be listed as "feat. The Narrator").


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